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Installing gutter guards in Seattle, WA

Other names for gutter guard

Gutter guards go by many names, including the following:

  • Gutter screen
  • Gutter cover
  • Leaf filter
  • Leaf screen
  • Gutter brush

Take Gutter Cleaning Off Your To Do List Forever

At Gutter & Roof Solutions NW, we save homeowners from the dangerous task of having to climb on a ladder to clean their gutters. We install a variety of gutter protection systems that keep leaves, pine needles, shingle grit and other debris out of your gutters.

Clogged gutters are not only a hassle to clean, but when your rain gutter clogs and fills with water, that water can lead to expensive problems like foundation damage, water leaks in your home, moisture issues and mold growth. Clogged gutters can also ruin siding, decks and patios.

Installing the right gutter guards is a "once-and-done" upgrade that will protect your home year round without any need for a ladder. Browse our site to learn about the specific gutter guard systems we install in Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia and surrounding areas of Washington.

To request a free in-home consultation and estimate, call us at 1-855-511-4714 or click the button below. Our gutter specialists can answer your questions and help you select the best solution for your home.

Recent Testimonials
  • "Installers were great!" Read Full Testimonial

    Ed S. of Vancouver, WA

    Customer Testimonial

              A few delays but all worked out with timing of painting. Installers were great!
    Ed S.
    Vancouver, WA
  • "Excellent Sales, customer service, installation" Read Full Testimonial

    Micheal L. of Norther Bend, WA

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    Micheal L.
    Norther Bend, WA
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    Jeff L. of Enumclaw, WA

    Customer Testimonial

              Very good installers
    Jeff L.
    Enumclaw, WA
  • "Fast & efficient, very good, excellent all around." Read Full Testimonial

    Pillette G. of Washougal, WA

    Customer Testimonial

              Fast & efficient, very good, excellent all around.
    Pillette G.
    Washougal, WA
  • "Installed Valor gutter covers" Read Full Testimonial

    Mary & John J. of Beavercreek, OR

    Customer Testimonial

              Fine The Two Debbie & Gary were fabolous :)
    Mary & John J.
    Beavercreek, OR
  • "Everyone that we dealt with was VERY professional and polite! We will recommend them to our friends." Read Full Testimonial

    Vincent S. of Gresham, OR

    Customer Testimonial

              We had a full Gutter Tune Up and Valor Guards installed. Everyone that we dealt with was VERY professional and polite! We will recommend them to our friends.
    Vincent S.
    Gresham, OR
  • "Efficient, thorough" Read Full Testimonial

    Jim M. of Yacolt, WA

    Customer Testimonial

              Efficient, thorough cleaned gutters watertest balanced gutters (rasied one) solution on roof - scrapped up the moss caulked the end caps-other leaks
    Jim M.
    Yacolt, WA
  • "Valor gutter tune up roof clean" Read Full Testimonial

    R K. of Oregon City, OR

    Customer Testimonial

              no problems-great people
    R K.
    Oregon City, OR
  • "gdome very good" Read Full Testimonial

    Ralph R H. of Ravensdale, WA

    Customer Testimonial

    Ralph R H.
    Ravensdale, WA
  • "The young man started at 11:00am worked out in 30degree weather until he was finished!" Read Full Testimonial

    Patricia W. of Conerele, WA

    Customer Testimonial

              The young man started at 11:00am worked out in 30degree weather until he was finished, kept away until the job was done. overall experience, quality, punctuality, and professionalism graded A
    Patricia W.
    Conerele, WA

    Sam B. of Duval, WA

    Customer Testimonial

    Sam B.
    Duval, WA
  • "Removed and replaced old gutters with new and gutterdome" Read Full Testimonial

    Kathy P. of Black Diamond, WA

    Customer Testimonial

              Very seamless and easy. we are delighted with how the new gutters look
    Kathy P.
    Black Diamond, WA
  • "ex overall experience ex follow through ex overall installation experience" Read Full Testimonial

    Mary C M. of Battleground, WA

    Customer Testimonial

              Easy. ex overall experience ex follow through ex overall installation experience
    Mary C M.
    Battleground, WA
  • "No problem" Read Full Testimonial

    Clarence + Duanita H. of Maple VAlley, WA

    Customer Testimonial

              The 2 boys doing the work were very polite + worked constantly under beautiful hard rain + cold knew what they were doing.
    Clarence + Duanita H.
    Maple VAlley, WA
  • "Installed Valor Gutter Guard entire house gutter system" Read Full Testimonial

    William F. of Maple Valley, WA

    Customer Testimonial

              Just great the entire process.
    William F.
    Maple Valley, WA
  • "Sales: Excellent Customer service: Excellent Installation: Excellent" Read Full Testimonial

    Brownyn B. of Maple Valley, WA

    Customer Testimonial

              Sales: Excellent Customer service: Excellent Installation: Excellent
    Brownyn B.
    Maple Valley, WA
  • "Good service" Read Full Testimonial

    John A. of Issaquah, WA

    Customer Testimonial

              Good service + excellent employees
    John A.
    Issaquah, WA
  • "Valor fascias 5"" Read Full Testimonial

    Beverly O. of Vancouver, WA

    Customer Testimonial

              Excellent except for overhang that was not included in original estimate (sales rep missed it)
    Beverly O.
    Vancouver, WA
  • "OUTSTANDING overall sales experience" Read Full Testimonial

    Ron H. of Vancouver, WA

    Customer Testimonial

              Great!! Good people to work with. OUTSTANDING overall sales experience
    Ron H.
    Vancouver, WA
  • "Tune Up on guttters, blow Roof Debris off Install Gutter Cover on back half of house" Read Full Testimonial

    Fred L. of Vancouver, WA

    Customer Testimonial

              Tune Up on guttters, blow Roof Debris off Install Gutter Cover on back half of house Excellent, professional, and thorough.
    Fred L.
    Vancouver, WA
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    Dome M. of Vancouver, WA

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    Dome M.
    Vancouver, WA
  • "new Gutters, clean roof" Read Full Testimonial

    Wendy M. of Vancouver, WA

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              Excellent, would recommend to others!
    Wendy M.
    Vancouver, WA
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    Larry S. of Vancouver, WA

    Customer Testimonial

              Great People well impress.
    Larry S.
    Vancouver, WA
  • "Knowledgeable, friendly, professionalsm, timely, site cleane up" Read Full Testimonial

    Presler of Vancouver, WA

    Customer Testimonial

              overall experience: excellent
    Vancouver, WA
  • "Wonderful. Very professional and personable service. Thank you!" Read Full Testimonial

    Jennifer V. of Vancouver, WA

    Customer Testimonial

              Wonderful. Very professional and personable service. Thank you!
    Jennifer V.
    Vancouver, WA
  • "repalce gutters + guard" Read Full Testimonial

    Ronald R. of Vancourver, WA

    Customer Testimonial

              very happy with results
    Ronald R.
    Vancourver, WA
  • "Gutters + roof cleaning and treatment" Read Full Testimonial

    Marianne P. of Vancouver, WA

    Customer Testimonial

              Very Pleasant
    Marianne P.
    Vancouver, WA


Valor Gutter Guard have partnered with designers, installers, and homeowners to make a gutter guard that works in all geographic areas, that is built solidly, and especially, is affordable. Valor Gutter Guard products have gone through rigorous testing to simulate decades of weather abuse. 

Valor Gutter Guard

Valor's flagship s-curve designer gutter guard, this gutter guard system offers advanced micro-mesh technology to high water-flow conditions. The micro-mesh screen effectively repels leaf and debris from off of gutter guard.

Product Features:
  • High flow water designs, both standard and large micro-mesh models
  • S pattern stainless steel mesh, 2.5″ wide
  • 4 colors available
  • Fits 4 in. to 7 in. gutter interior widths
  • Ridged louver frame design
  • 20 year product warranty
Valor Gutter Guard Valor Gutter Guard Installed

Melt-Away Gutter Guard

Melt Away Gutter Guard from Valor is a heated gutter guard system that melts away icicles and ice dams when used with a standard heated cable.

Product Features:

  • Converts any Valor Gutter Guard into a ice melting system
  • Uses both radiant and conductive heating methods
  • Uses any approved heating cable
  • Comes in all Valor colors
  • Easy to install and maintain
Valor Melt-Away Gutter Guard Melt=Away Gutter Guard styles

Moss-Away Gutter Guard

Moss-Away uses a specialized zinc strip that acts as a barrier to roof moss, algae and fungus growth protecting the roof and gutter system.

Product Features:

  • Deters moss and fungi growth
  • Cost effective and easy to install
  • Long-lasting gutter protection
  • Completly safe for any roof and gutter system
  • Safer, more effective method than using chemicals
  • EPA-approved zinc strips
Valor Moss-Away Gutter Guard Valor Moss-Away Gutter Guard system

Copper or Stainless Steel Gutter Guards

Product Features:

  • 16oz copper
  • Standard (40) or large (16) mesh sizes available
  • Stainless Steel Mesh
  • Fits 5″ or 6″ gutters (custom widths available)
  • 20 Year Warranty – No-clog guarantee
  • Call for pricing quote
  • Deflects asteroids
Valor copper gutter guard Closeup of Valor copper gutter guard

What’s Important When Choosing a Gutter Guard?

Gutter guards go by many different names, such as gutter cover, gutter screen, leaf filter, etc. No matter what name is used, the purpose is the same: to prevent leaves, twigs and other debris from accumulating in your gutters and impeding water flow.

Manufacturers have come up with quite a few different ways to keep gutters clean and clog-free. Some work better than others. To figure out which gutter guard design will work best for you, it helps to ask some key questions.

5 common questions about gutter guards and leaf filters

  1. Will the gutter guard filter out all kinds of materials? Generally gutter guards will keep all but the smallest debris out of your gutter, though some screen or mesh-type gutter covers won't prevent small particles like plant seeds & granules from your roof shingles from accumulating in your gutters.
  2. Will roof shingles be damaged when the gutter guard is installed? Many gutter covers require lower courses of roof shingles to be pried up in order to install the gutter screen or cover. Our professional installers will ensure that this is done properly to avoid damage to the shingles.
  3. Can leaves accumulate on top of the gutter cover and block water drainage into the gutter? This can be a problem with many screen-type gutter covers, which is why we'll work with you to determine the best type of gutter guard for your home's location to give you ideal performance and limit maintenance and cleaning.
  4. Can the gutter cover come loose or be damaged easily? Like any other exterior part of your house, there is always the chance your gutters can be damaged by Mother Nature. However, we use high quality products that will be durable and long-lasting under normal weather patterns.
  5. Will the leaf filter look good on my gutters? Gutter guards come in a wide variety of colors, meaning that we can match the guard to your existing gutter to give your home a seamless appearance.

Before and After
  • Valor Gutter Guard Installation in Auburn, WA
    Valor Gutter Guard Installation in Auburn, WA

    This home in Auburn was having a problem with clogged gutters. That is until it had Valor Gutter Guards installed. Along with the sleek look of the color option they chose, Valor Gutter Guard guarantees no more clogged gutters! Call today to schedule a free estimate and ask about our Valor Gutter Guard.

  • Valor Gutter Guard Install in Renton, WA
    Valor Gutter Guard Install in Renton, WA

    Look at the difference Valor Gutter Guard has made on this Renton home. Not only does it look great, the maintenance will be little to none! Valor Gutter Guard really is a win-win system!

  • Gutter Guard System installed in Tacoma, WA
    Gutter Guard System installed in Tacoma, WA

    This client in Tacoma, WA came to us for a maintenance free solution for a reacquiring clogging issue with their gutters. We installed this hassle free Gutter Protection System for peace of mind all year long.

Schedule a Free Gutter Guard Estimate

During your in-home consultation, an expert from Gutter & Roof Solutions NW will explain the benefits of our gutter guards and show you samples of the actual rain gutter systems. We'll go over the gutter guard installation process, recommend the best solution and provide a free estimate for your project. You can trust our specialists to install your gutter guards correctly. Our goal is to eliminate gutter cleaning and finally keep your gutters clog free.

Looking for a price? Get a no cost, no obligation free estimate.

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