Roof Ventilation

When we think of the health of our roof, we never think that the attic has an integral role. Because the attic is only a few layers away from the actual roof, it can make a difference in the function of your roof. Not only that, but it can also affect your living areas. This is because the attic always needs to stay dry and cool, but there are things in our homes that can make this hard. When we do normal things like taking a shower or doing laundry, the heat from those things can rise to the attic and cause the cool air in the attic to form moisture. When the attic is constantly moist, it can form mold growth in the attic, insulation, and roof rafters, but it can cause cracks and damages to the roof when there is too much heat expansion. In order for these things to happen, you need your roof to be properly ventilated. At Gutter & Roof Solutions NW, we are able to help by providing installation of roof ventilation in Auburn, WA.

A Roofer Is Installing Roof Shingles Over the Roof Ridge

When You Need Roof Ventilation in Auburn, WA, Call Gutter & Roof Solutions NW!

A roof ventilation system doesn’t just make sure that heat and moisture don’t damage your roof or attic, but they also make sure that you have better energy efficiency and that things like ice dams don’t form on your roofing system. We have been in the roofing business for over 20 years, so we have what it takes to ensure you have the best ventilation for your roof. We are proud to use GAF ventilation products, so you can prevent moisture and too much heat buildup from affecting your roof and your home. When you want to prevent roof repair service or you want to get this type of service for your home, please call us at (253) 218-3225 to make an appointment today and receive a free estimate. We look forward to working with you and ensuring your entire home and roof is in the best condition.

Roof Ventilation Types

Having just one ventilation system for your roof or attic is not going to cut it. In order for the roof and attic to have proper ventilation, there need to be two or more systems added. Equal parts of air intake and air exhaust need to be present for your ventilation to work. More than one system is not going to cut it when your roof and attic need this for proper ventilation.

At Gutter & Roof Solutions NW, we are able to install various types of roof ventilation. What is recommended is one square foot of attic ventilation to cover 300 square feet of attic space, so depending on the size of your attic, we will determine how many systems you need. If you want to schedule an appointment to find out more about roof ventilation in Auburn, WA or to get a free quote, call us! Below are the ventilation types that we install.

Attic Ventilation

Attic Ventilation

A Picture of a Powered Attic Ventilator

We Install Attic Ventilation!

At Gutter & Roof Solutions NW, the type of attic ventilation that we use is powered attic ventilators (PAVs). Occasionally these attic ventilators are called attic vans and come in different kinds of systems. PAVs can either be installed on the roof, on the gable end of the roof, or on the attic floor. This job of the particular ventilation system is to remove hot air in an attic during the summer months. If we install this type of ventilation, we use GAF power attic vents.

Our roofers will only suggest this type of ventilation for your attic if you don’t have soffit or ridge vents. This kind of ventilation uses electricity in order to remove hot air, so it can cost you some money in energy expenses. Not only that, while the function of the PAV is to remove hot air, it can also remove cool air, as well. When we inspect your home to add roof ventilation in Auburn, WA, we will determine if you need this kind of attic ventilation. Give us a call at (253) 218-3225 to learn more!

Gable-End Vents

Gable-End Vents

A Picture of a Home That Has a Gable-End Vent

We Are Able To Install Gable-End Vents As Part of Our Roof Ventilation Service.

As part of your roof ventilation, there might be times when you will need gable-end vents. When your attic needs air circulation, then these types of vents are installed on the outside wall of the attic. The job of this vent is to let hot air out of the attic and let cool air in. This is great as it can prevent any of your belongings from becoming damaged to excess heat. Another thing that this vent can do is ensure that your heating and cooling bills don’t spike, as that can happen when there is too much heat in the attic.

Unlike most vents and ventilation systems that are installed to create better circulation in the attic, gable-end vents actually have a really nice design. They add a little something extra when they are used on certain homes. When we install this type of vent, we use GAF gable wall and circular louvers. While these are great roof ventilation systems, using just this type of vent isn’t going to cut it. It is a type of vent that will need to be used in conjunction with other ventilation. To determine if your attic and roof need this kind of vent, we will calculate ventilation is needed. To find out more about this roof ventilation in Auburn, WA, dial (253) 218-3225.

Roof Ridge Vent

Roof Ridge Vent

An Up Close Picture of Roof Shingles Over a Roof Ridge Vent

Roof Ridge Vents Are Also Something We Are Able To Install.

While the powered attic ventilators are an active ventilation system, the roof ridge vent is known as a passive ventilation system. The reason that homeowners like this type of ventilator are because you don’t need electricity to use it. Installed from end to end on the roof ridge, this type of roof ventilation allows humidity to leave your attic. Not only does it remove humidity from the attic and cool your roof, but it also ensures that have better energy efficiency. Another great thing about this vent is that is can extend the life of your roofing system. There are two different kinds of roof ridge vents, metal ridge, and shingle-over vents; at Gutter & Roof Solutions NW we install GAF plastic ridge vents and roll ridge vents.

However, roof ventilation for your Auburn, WA roof needs more than just roof ridge vent installation; in order for this type of vent to work properly, it is also going to need soffit vents installed, as well. Of course, when our roofers come out and inspect your attic and roof, we can determine if a roof ridge vent is even needed or if you need another type of ventilation. Call our office at (253) 218-3225 and we can set up an appointment time that is convenient for you.

Soffit Vent

Soffit Vent

An Up Close Picture of a Soffit Vent

We Also Install Soffit Vents!

In order for the gable-end and roof ridge vents to work, they will also need to get a soffit vent installed, as well. While the gable-end and roof ridge vents primary goal is to let hot air out of the attic, the job of the soffit vent is to let airflow in. Not only is getting soffit vent installation going to provide better airflow, but it is also going to prevent moisture, ice dams, and ice buildups on the roof. During soffit installation, this type of vent can be installed on the soffit, which will run along the eaves of the roof. The soffit vent looks like a grill that is installed over the length of the soffit and comes in either aluminum or PVC material. When our roofers are doing a soffit and fascia installation service, we can install GAF under eave vents and closeable soffit vent.

Again, this type of roof ventilation for your Auburn, WA roof is only going to work if it’s installed with either gable-end or roof ridge vents. When we are installing soffit on gable ends, we can discuss if you need a soffit, gable-end, and roof ridge vent. To get more information or to set up a time to talk with one of our roofing contractors, you can reach us by calling (253) 218-3225 today.