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Maintain your roof and gutters with our expert services. Our team of professionals at Gutter & Roof Solutions NW has the services and materials you need to keep your home functioning properly. Gutter and roofing problems can greatly affect the rest of your home if not dealt with properly.

The services we provide strictly target problems areas within these elements and can accurately solve any issues you may have. A few services we specialize in include: Gutter guard installation, roof replacement, roof repair and more!

Gutter & Roof Solutions NW can enhance your leaky roof or faulty gutter systems with state-of-the-art products and materials that will last a lifetime. We truly care about the quality of work we do on every job, and look to exceed every homeowner's expectation. You can call us at 1-855-224-0178 or contact us online for a free estimate in Seattle, WA.

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Work Requests From Seattle, WA
in Seattle
We need gutters on our deck extension
in Seattle
We need to get vents installed in the attic/roof to prevent moisture build up and allow for insulation. How much will this cost? When can this be done? Thank you!
in Seattle
Someone advised to get roof vents installed
in Seattle
Need to determine attic ventiation on roof with no gables or soffits
in Seattle
Flat roof leak.
in Seattle
About a 16' long fascia on one side of my garage needs replacing.
in Seattle
Hello - Our 1928 house gets unbearably hot in the summer upstairs. We don't think there are any roofs vents and are curious how we could keep the upstairs cooler through ventilation. We'd like for someone to come and assess the situation, and offer a solution with price quote. Thank you, Dan
in Seattle
in Seattle
I am looking at installing a whole house fan and need to have some larger gable vents installed. The ones we had put on when we were insulating the attic were meant to be temporary and now 3 years later we should replace them. For the fan we need at least 5 square feet of ventilation space in the attic. Please contact via email. Phone is much harder to reach me on.
in Seattle
Flat roof leaking
in Seattle
I would like to get an estimate for gutter guards to be installed on my house. The house is two story, with relative high gutters.
S Dawson St in Seattle
Soffits are rotten and we need a gutter system that can combine with rain run-off collection.
in Seattle
We have a 1936 craftsman with a mostly finished attic that gets really hot and stuffy in the warmer months. There appears to be no existing ventilation in the attic. We would like to find out if installing attic ventilation will help with the heat issues and get a cost estimate.
in Seattle
Hello. I would like a bid to replace the gutters along the 5th Ave side of the building (West Side) that run underneath the awnings. I am happy to meet someone onsite if necessary to show them etc.
in Seattle
Flat roof about 1220 sqft, has leaking, will consider PVC or other economical options, will need work done soon
Perkins Ln W in Seattle
Price of metal interlocking roof for small house 800 square feet, 5/12 pitch, no valleys.
in Seattle
I am getting insulation and restoration in attic done. I just need to know my ventilation needs and an estimate for those needs. Or if ventilation is a must. Thank you.
in Seattle
We have a flat roof. We've noticed a wet stop on the ceiling in one of the bedrooms. The room is right under where the drains are for the roof. I think it's possible we have a leak or the roof might need some maintenance.
York Rd S in Seattle
We need more attic vents as we are selling our home and this came up in our home inspection.
in Seattle
I would like a quote for cleaning out the gutters of our two-story home, plus adding downspout covers. Also interested in roof treatment for minor moss removal. Thank you.
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