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Maintain your roof and gutters with our expert services. Our team of professionals at Gutter & Roof Solutions NW has the services and materials you need to keep your home functioning properly. Gutter and roofing problems can greatly affect the rest of your home if not dealt with properly.

The services we provide strictly target problems areas within these elements and can accurately solve any issues you may have. A few services we specialize in include: Gutter guard installation, roof replacement, roof repair and more!

Gutter & Roof Solutions NW can enhance your leaky roof or faulty gutter systems with state-of-the-art products and materials that will last a lifetime. We truly care about the quality of work we do on every job, and look to exceed every homeowner's expectation. You can call us at 1-855-511-4714 or contact us online for a free estimate in Seattle, WA.

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The most serious risk of clogged gutters is damage to your home's foundation, but there are other negative results - and not just to your home. If you are not cleaning your gutters regularly (approximately twice per year, or as needed) - and even if you are, but you're sick of it - you may want to consider installing a gutter guard system like the GutterDomeĀ®.... [Read more]
In the Greater Seattle area and Puget Sound region, we get an average of about 40 inches of rain per year. Rainfall means more than just water running over your roof - it also means more lush organic waste. When living in the Pacific Northwest with gutters, we have a slightly different experience with clogged gutters than many other regions around Washington State and the rest of the nation.... [Read more]
Good news for the Pacific Northwest - Gutter Solutions Northwest, the leader in gutter guards, gutter installation, and roofing for the Puget Sound area for years is expanding its services into Portland and Vancouver!... [Read more]
Work Requests From Seattle, WA
in Seattle
I am getting insulation and restoration in attic done. I just need to know my ventilation needs and an estimate for those needs. Or if ventilation is a must. Thank you.
in Seattle
We have a flat roof. We've noticed a wet stop on the ceiling in one of the bedrooms. The room is right under where the drains are for the roof. I think it's possible we have a leak or the roof might need some maintenance.
York Rd S in Seattle
We need more attic vents as we are selling our home and this came up in our home inspection.
in Seattle
I would like a quote for cleaning out the gutters of our two-story home, plus adding downspout covers. Also interested in roof treatment for minor moss removal. Thank you.
W Halladay St in Seattle
Need some roof repair, we lost some shingles in the recent wind storm
in Seattle
Mold has built up in attic. Need soffit vents to help reduce.
Belvidere Ave SW in Seattle
We are looking to have insulation installed in our attic, and were told our attic ventilation isn't sufficient. We'd like to have the ventilation evaluated. Additionally, we are missing some shingles from our asphalt roof, and would like to see about getting those replaced. Also, we have a flat roof on our aging garage, which may be leaking. I'd like to have that inspected as well. Thanks, Matt
Delridge SW in Seattle
I have a large south facing gable vent that lets in enough rain if the wind is blowing the right direction that it causes a leak in the bedroom. I need a smaller vent or a better vent that doesnt allow the rain in and cause a leak.
SW Thistle St in Seattle
Hi, I need venting installed along my soffits and a ridge vent added. House is 770 square feet. Soffits are on 3 sides. How much does this usually run and what's your availability? Thanks Kathi
in Seattle
Soffit is leaking in one area. Would like leak looked at--think the problem could be the roof.
Greenwood Avenue North in Seattle
Last year we replaced the roof for our apartment building BUT now we have noticed that water sits/pools on top of the roof (about 3 inches). We are looking for someone to help us fix this.
in Seattle
Concrete garage roof needs new membrane. Approximately 15'x10'
in Seattle
We need a free inspection and estimate on replacing gutters and downspouts of our house with an option of gutter guard.
S Hudson ST in Seattle
Need gutters installed on my house
Woodward Ave South in Seattle
We purchased a 1953 house last year. The roof is good but attic ventilation needs improvement.
in Seattle
Our attic was recently sealed off to prevent vermin and we were advised that we need to get an attic fan or some form of ventilation to get air out.
in Seattle
Our upstairs gets very hot and there are no vents in the roof. We would like to install vents, presumably ridge and soffit, but need advice and a quote. Thanks!
in Seattle
Ridge vent need to be installed for existing cathedral roof
in Seattle
Looking for a new roof for house and detached 4 car garage.
SW Ida Street in Seattle
Need a new roof and new gutter system-not a standard roof or gutter system on the house now.
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