Tile Roof Installation

If you are in the market for a new roofing system for your home, it’s important to find a roof material that is long-lasting, energy-efficient, and durable. One of the most roofing systems for a residential roof is a tile roof because they have long lifespans, they stand up to severe weather, they are resistant to fire, and they are great at insulating homes. If you think that a tile roof might be a great option for your home, call on the roofers at Gutter & Roof Solutions NW. We are able to provide expert roof installation in Auburn, WA and the surrounding areas.

Three Roofers Installing a Slate Roof
Get a Tile Roof Installation in Auburn, WA Through Gutter & Roof Solutions NW!

Homeowners who are interested in tile roofing for their homes will be happy to know that we offer free estimates. We do this because we want people to know the upfront cost of this type of roofing system. Tile roofing is going to be a little bit more expensive because of the material and installation. By knowing the cost of the installation service, you can determine whether this is something you can afford. We don’t want our customers to be blindsided by our tile roof installation service cost, so we will always be honest about our pricing. To set up an appointment or to get a free estimate, call us at (253) 218-3225.

Tile Roofs We Install

We use the term tile roofs to refer different types of roofing systems, but the truth is that there are only three types of tile roofs on the market; the three tile roofs include clay, concrete, and slate roofing. Each of these tiles roofs is made from natural materials and have to be installed by a licensed roofing contractor. Not only does Gutter & Roof Solutions NW offer all three of these tile roofs, but our roofing contractors are able to install them. Find out more about the tile roofs that we install or call us at (253) 218-3225 for a tile roof installation in Auburn, WA.


Clay Roof Tiles

An Up Close Picture of Clay Tile Roofing
We Offer Clay Tile Roof Installation Service.

If you have a Spanish or Mediterranean style home, the best tile roof that you can get for your roof is a clay tile roof. Clay roof tiles, also known as terracotta or ceramic, is such a great roofing system when you are looking to get a new roof or need to replace your roofing system. The great thing about clay roofing tiles is that they are resistant to strong winds, severe weather, heat, and even cold. So whether you live in a cold or hot climate, clay tile roofs are going to work in any climate. While Spanish tile is the most common kind of clay roof style, they also come in French tile, interlocking shingle tile, and Mission tile. If you are interested in a clay tile roof installation in Auburn, WA, please call our office at (253) 218-3225 to set up an appointment.


Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete Roof Tiles On a Concrete Tile Roof Under Installation
When You Need Concrete Tile Roof Installation, Call Us!

In terms of tile roofing, concrete tile roofing is probably the newest, which started being manufactured sometime in the 1800s. While concrete roofing tile is durable, long-lasting, and energy-efficient, one of the reasons potential buyers love it is that it is the more affordable tile roofing option. Made of a mixture of cement, sand, and water, this type of tile roofing system is better off on a roof that is in a colder climate. This is because this type of tile roof isn’t very porous, so the tile itself is not at risk of freezing, which can be a problem for some roofing materials in cold climates. Just like clay roofing tiles, concrete roof tiles come in French tiles, interlocking shingle tile, Mission tile, and Spanish tile. Call our roofers at (253) 218-3225 if you want concrete tile roof installation in Auburn, WA.


Slate Roof Tiles

An Up Close Picture of Slate Tile Roofing
Our Roofers Can Install Slate Tiles On Your Roof.

If you are looking for a high-quality tile roof that is very long-lasting, you can’t go wrong with slate roof tiles. Slate tiles are some of the oldest roofing materials in the world, so you can feel good knowing that if you get this roofing system, it’s going to last a lifetime. Not only does the roof have a reputation for lasting for a long time, but it is also eco-friendly, fire resistant, and durable. At Gutter & Roof Solutions NW we are proud to install this type of tile roofing, using TruSlate by GAF, to give you a roof that is going to last for years and years to come. When you want a beautiful and durable roof for your home, you can get it with slate tiles. Dial (253) 218-3225 to talk to us about a slate tile roof installation in Auburn, WA for your home.

Tile Roof Repair

Yellow Gloved Hands Repairing a Tile Roof
We Provide Tile Roof Installation and Repair Service.

In addition to offering tile roof installation to Auburn, WA homes, our roofers can also provide tile roof repairs. Typically, tile roofing repairs are going to be needed when a tile roof isn’t installed correctly, it has been impacted by something, or the materials used to install the tile roof have started to fade or corrode. While tile roofs are very durable, they will require repairs because they are a fragile material. However, if you are in need of slate, clay, or concrete tile roof repair, you can count on our roofers to help you. Just call us at (253) 218-3225 to make an appointment for repairs. We are ready to help you, so contact us today!